We are repeatedly told that washing your hair everyday is bad. So, how often should you be washing it?


Celebrity Hair Stylist Kylee Heath told Birchbox the frequency of washing your hair depends on 3 things:


what's your hair texture?

how often do you use heat tools?

 regularly colour your hair?




Ladies with a curly texture can go up to five days without washing it (you can get it wet - just don't use shampoo). Washing can strip away the natural oils from your scalp that make the hair curly with defined spirals. Bonus of waiting to wash your hair every 4 or 5 days according to Heath: the appearance of less poofy hair. 

Ladies with normal to fine hair you want to avoid hair appearing greasy so you can wash it every other day to everyday (especially if you have fringe). Make sure your shampoo has a mild formula and that you're using a hydrating conditioner. 



If you use heat tools such as a straightener and a curling wand, then you should be washing your hair every couple of days - Heath recommends every 3 days. Why? Well, not washing it will help restore moisture to fried strands. Use dry shampoo to ensure your hair is looking (and smelling!) clean. 


Ladies that colour their hair can go from 2 to 4 days without washing it. Heath explains that when you bleach and highlight your hair the follicles become more porous, which means it absorbs more oils and therefore looks less greasy.

When you wash your hair, Heath recommends shampooing twice with a protein packed formula, and to prevent breakage use an overnight coconut oil mask the day before you plan on washing your hair. 

ok, so how should you be washing your hair?

Andrew Bidwell founder of Swell Hair care told Telegraph UK

Washing your hair correctly, by lathering just the roots and the underside, means those who currently wash it every day will get an extra day or two out of each wash. Vigorous scrubbing over-stimulates the sebaceous glands, producing more oils. Gentle massaging will keep those glands producing only a small amount to lubricate the hair, and therefore avoid greasy hair.



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