The thickness of your hair, its oil content, and how dry your scalp is determine how often you should shampoo your hair.


Barber Miles Elliot explained to GQ:

straight hair

You can shampoo everyday if preferred. This will give a dryer look with no natural oils left on the hair and scalp. How much you condition determines how heavy you want your hair to be: 4-5 times a week if you like it heavy and weighed-down; one or two if you like it light.

wavy hair

Wash your hair three times a week. You want to get rid of build-up that may be straightening your hair out with the weight from the oils—and when those oils aren’t distributed evenly, it can look very greasy, so use a brush or comb to even things out. Condition once or twice weekly—basically, whenever it starts to look too dry.

curly hair

Don’t shampoo too frequently—no more than twice a week, and use a shampoo with moisturizing properties—this will prevent from washing too much oil out of their hair, leaving them with a huge afro (that is, unless they want one). Condition once or twice a week and not on days you shampoo—that’s because you’re using the right moisturizing shampoo, and don’t need to double down.

Mistake: washing your hair everyday

  • Shampoo works to remove dirt and oils from your hair and scalp, but some oils are useful.
  • Basically, washing your hair everyday will do more damage than good since it will strip your hair of necessary oils.

For those in between shampoo days, Birchbox suggests

  • "Using baking soda on your mane will cleanse the scalp and also deodorize. A quick rinse with apple cider vinegar will close down the cuticle of the hair and add shine. Of course, this does not feel the same as a luxurious shampoo lather, but it gets the job done. "
  • "Kevin Murphy makes a dry cleaning spray product called Fresh Hair It’s great for absorbing oil and it has a nice scent."
  • "But instead of shampooing each time you shower, I tell a lot of my customers to rinse their hair thoroughly with warm water and massage in a light conditioner to break up oil and sweat."

mistake: unneeded dandruff shampoo 

Birchbox suggests, 

  • Using drugstore dandruff shampoo when they don’t need it. Most of the time they don't have dandruff and are just making their scalp dryer by shampooing with harsh agents.
  •  the solution to that can be as simple and not shampooing as much, using a mild shampoo, and drinking eight cups of water every day.


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