think all your favourite celebs "woke up like this" - Nah, they have a full glam squad.

Firstly, you need to know the difference between a stylist and a groomer? Some celebs have a hairstylist, a makeup artist and a personal shopper. A groomer does it all - cutting, styling, makeup, you name it!

Meet the man behind Justin Bieber's iconic looks

FLORIDO: LA based groomer that has worked with Bieber for the past 6 years at home, on set and on the road

Here's what we learned from his interview with Refinery29

his big break

He worked at a salon during the day and danced at night. 

 "My last big dance audition was for Justin Bieber. I went in, danced, and they said, ‘Stay for the callback.' But it wasn’t until that evening and I had clients in the salon, so I thanked the choreographer and left. Then, before they left for tour, the choreographer called me. He said, 'Hey, I know you do hair but do you also do makeup? Because they’re looking for another groomer'... I didn't think Justin was going to like me!"


His Job

I cut and colour Justin’s hair and sometimes I dance, too! I will be like, ‘Oh my god, can I be in ‘Sorry’ tonight?’ And sometimes he’ll let me be his stand-in.

With Justin, it’s not like, ‘Oh, this is in, we’re doing this’ — he will literally throw me a curveball and be like, ‘I’m growing my hair’ or ‘Let’s shave it’ or ‘Let’s colour it.’ I am so thankful that he always challenges me.

how to get bieber's slick back hair

That is a process. You have to use a root-lift spray and then dry the hair in the direction that you want it to stay. Then I will even put a texture powder in; Unite makes an Expanda Dust that I use. Then I’ll use a pomade to slick it back or finish with hairspray, but you have to layer in the hairspray to get it to stay. That’s what I do on Justin whenever he wants it slicked back.

Hair mistakes

According to Florido, these are the biggest styling mistakes:

  • when guys cut their own hair

  • when guys overstyle their hair

People make Bieber hair tutorials for YouTube. I am really flattered, but I was watching some the other day and there was this one where he says, ‘You know he probably uses like two cans of pomade,’ and this and that, for a look that I literally only used Evian water spray for — but I am so glad you think I use all of that stuff! This guy busted out the flat iron, the pomade, the hairspray. You don’t need all that.

Products that he recommends for a glowing skin: 

  • Tarte Smooth Operator powder for a dewy skin finish

  • Boscia depuffer stick and follow up with some eye cream and concealer 


FLORIDO'S Instagram

One of my mentors told me, ‘You’re great at all of your passions, but if you focus 150% into one of those things, I promise you that shit will start to happen...If you go with an open mind, the universe will reward you.



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