No one wants to experience getting a bad haircut and the awkward explanations and hat coverups that we use while we wait until the hair grows back.

Avoid this by getting a haircut that flatters YOUR face shape. For your next hair appointment, if you understand what works for you and you research for styles that fit into that shape, your hairstylist will understand what you want and thus you're more likely to get a haircut that you're happy with. 

Let's start off with the basics


  • Oval (upside down egg): Your face is longer than the width of the cheekbones, forehead is larger than the jawline. The angle of your jaw is rounded rather than sharp. 
  • Square: The width of your face is almost the same to the length of your face. The angle of your jaw is sharp.
  • Round: Your cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement, and they are larger than forehead and jawline, which also have similar measurements. The angle of the jaw is soft rather than sharp. 
  • Oblong (rectangle): your face is longer than it is wide. Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are similar in measurements. 
  • Diamond: Your cheekbones are the widest feature of your face, followed by your forehead and jawline. Your chin is pointed and defined. 
  • Triangular (an upside down triangular): You have angular features and your jawline is wider than your cheekbones, which measure wider than your forehead.
  • Heart: Forehead measures greater than jawline and cheekbones, and the chin is pointed.

Source: British GQ


You're in luck almost every hairstyle will look good on you

Straight hair: short sides and swept back longer top or go for short cut. Your hairstylist will probably ask you which way your hair grows and determine the cut that will be easiest to manage.

Wavy hair: Let the hair grow out. Don't trim the sides too short. 

Tight curly hair: skin fade with a messy, longer top. 

AVOID: forward fringe. Celebrity hair stylist Jamie Stevens says "Too much heaviness on the forehead softens features and increases roundness of the face"

Beard or Clean shaven: The choice is up to you! 


You want to get a haircut that highlights your strong jaw line

Straight hair: Go for short sides and long top, not too long since you still want to keep it manageable. 

Wavy hair: Go for a clear hairline, but leave some inches on top for texture, movement and styling.

Tight curly hair: Go for a fade on the sides and back. 


You want to elongate the face and add WIDTH. 

Straight hair: Ask your barber for a quiff with short sides. Use a hairdryer to style the top to create some texture.

Wavy hair: Keep the hair at about 5 to 6 inches long. Style your hair in the direction that it grows out, and use sea salt hair spray to get extra volume. 

Tight, curly hair: Go for a fade and a long top. 

Avoid: Fringes - they will make your face look smaller. 


Don't go for short sides - they will elongate your face more

Straight hair: Ask your barber for some texture so your hair doesn't look flat. Keep an inch on the top and sides.

Wavy hair:  Work with how the waves naturally fall and go for a haircut length of about 4 to 5 inches.

Tight, curly hair: A short afro of about 1 to 2 inches long will work best for you. 

Avoid long, full beards since they will elongate your face



Go for volume on the top and keep things soft around your defined cheekbones to balance the look

Straight hair: Go for longer hair to complement and balance your angular cheekbones. Ask your barber for a hair length around 5 to 6 inches. 

Wavy hair: You want to add softness to the look - again to complement the cheekbones. Ask for haircut that will add texture, make sure to not get short sides or back. 

Tight, curly hair: Let the hair grow and don't ask for short sides or back as this will enhance the defined cheekbones instead of completing the face. 


Ask your barber to give volume to accentuate your features

Straight hair: Don't go for haircut too short, try for 3 inches all around to give you some texture and movement. 

Wavy hair: Focus on texture, let the hair grow out on the sides and back. 

Tight curly hair: Length on top and clean sides. 


Avoid really short haircuts as these will accentuate your wide forehead and pointed chin

Straight hair: Focus on texture - go for 3 inches all over and add a short bead to fill in the narrow, pointed chin.

Wavy hair: Let the sides and the back grow out, style the waves with sea salt hair spray to get more texture.

Tight, curly hair: Let the hair grow out - and add a beard for softness around your angular jawline.


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