Fall is around the corner. Scary! We have the perfect hairstyle to transition to fall...Braids! That's right, braids are easy and can look very intricate, so you can dress them up with an up-do or tease them for a more laid back look. 

Braids for short hair

Double Dutch Knot 

Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Runway inspiration as seen on Apu Japan

With short hair, you want to make sure you do a tight braid to prevent flyaways. Braid beginners, do a simple French braid and you'll get the same crown effect. 

Braids for longer hair 

upgraded fishtail: double into single fish tail as seen on Rachel Zoe NY runway Autumn/Winter 2016-17 

How to: Create a center part and tightly braid two fishtail braids - use the start of your eyebrows as a starting point so your braids look symmetrical. Halfway through each braid connect them and continue braiding a single fishtail; again, make sure your braid is tightly braided. Once you've secured an elastic, start pulling back the hair pieces to create the illusion of thicker hair. Pull more hair if you desire a more laid back look.


Sally LaPointe's runway look featured a cross and two, low braids. Use hairspray to get the slick, shiny finish. Another simple runway inspiration is Lemaire's messy, low fishtail. Do a tight, low fishtail and then tug on hair pieces to make it looser and create a thicker braid. Leave some hair strands in the front to frame your face. 

Statement Style For the fashion forward girl 

Moncler Gamma Rouge Fall/Winter 2016-17

Create two low ponytails, use hair spray for a slick finish. Braid the two sections and pin hair to the front, again use hair spray to prevent flyaways. Do a knot with the ends of the hair to create the "horn" effect. 

Another look from the Moncler shows: start with a front ponytail and divide the hair into two sections. Braid and pin back. 

Simple and Trendy

 Rohmir Fall/Winter 2016-17 runway

If the fashion forward style is too out there for you, here's what you can do to get a tamer up-do and still look like you're following trends. Create a center part and do two tight french braids, finish the look by doing a low knot with each braids. 

Mansur Gavriel Fall/Winter 2016-17 Runway

Simple, thick dutch braid: Similar to a french braid, but instead of braiding over the hair sections, you braid under. The trick to creating the illusion of a thick braid is to braid tightly and once you've secured the ends with an elastic, lightly pull on all the braided pieces. 

Braided Buns: The key step of this look is creating a slick center part. Use hair spray and tie the two hair sections into low ponytails. Do simple braids and then wrap around the hair to complete the look with low braided buns. Secure the hair with an elastic or hair pins, and add hair spray to prevent flyaways. 



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