So, as we're fiiiinally realising it's not necessary nor good to wash your hair everyday, we're also realising that this little time saver actually makes it harder to style and tame your slept-in hair.

Frizzy roots, hairband kinks, we're desperate for an easy-peasy way to wake up looking good and ready to roll.

BEHOLD - the high bun comes to the rescue to help us create beautiful beachy waves, which involves hardly any effort. 

Here's whatcha do:

1. Pull completely dry hair in a high ponytail (wet hair is delicate and can easily get damaged when pulled high as it's more stretchy).

2. In one piece, gently twirl the hair to the length of your ponytail.

3. Now wrap the ponytail around itself in a spiral motion create a bun shape. 

4. Using a hairband secure the hair in place.

5. Gently release hair out from the base with a shimmy motion to allow some give and avoid the dreaded kinks around the top of your head.

ET VOILA. You'll wake up with natural beachy waves without the hair damage. You're welcome.