Heading to Secret Garden Party this weekend? No idea what to take?! Here's some inspo from previous festival's and a few tips:

  1. Try to take as LITTLE as possible - you won't wear half of it and it'll make your life so much easier queuing up to go in and your way home. 
  2. However, what you do take make sure it's fun and comfy (I'm talking glitter, sequins, the works!). 
  3. Wellies and a raincoat are MUSTS. You don't want to be wet and miserable. Raincoat can go round your waist when not needed, and bring one pair of comfortable shoes if the weather's nice - converse/vans/little boots work well. Leave the sandals at home, THINK ABOUT YOUR POOR TOES!
  4. Bag - keep small! You don't want to be lugging around a ginormous bag, that's no way to dance. A small cross-body straps or a bumbag ensures handsfree dancing (make sure they have a zip, no-one wants to be searching for your card/ID/phone in the mud..).
  5. The rest, well, a bottle of batiste, suncream, a pair of denim shorts, some sparkly tops and s**t-tonnes of glitter and you're good to go.

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