Accessories designer Ally Capellino teamed up with their fabulous daughter, fashion photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt and the Glasshouse Salon to create their S/S 2015 collection, Pastel Pairings. A collection of rucksacks, satchels and bike-bags inspired by the ice-cream shades and pastel hues of hair. 

Colour was the starting point. I looked at the cutesy, punky pastel with black combinations, I wanted to make things a bit more punchy.

Ally Cappellino was founded in 1980 by Alison Lloyd and Jonathon Platt - roughly translating as 'little hat'. Loved for its soft leather accessories, and minimal, playful charm. And their daughter, Agnes Lloyd-Platt, did the photography for this stunning look book. 

“I found it hard to ignore the pastel palette of the S/S15 collection, all ice cream colours punctuated with black accents,” says Lloyd-Platt. “The concept for the look book imagery is an extension of that. I used simple colour-blocking and set design to create tonal layers in a series of portraits and still life's, highlighting the seasonal shift in colour and the wonder of hair dye.”  

And not forgetting about all that glorious hair! Olivia Chrighton, founder of Glasshouse Salon, is responsible for the prettiest of pastels featured in the look book. Each bag is matched to a hair colour - perfection. 

These guys are the masters of true collaboration, styling by Aurelia Donaldson, graphic design by Amélie Bonhomme and with make-up by Sky Cripps-Jackson

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