Look. It's a month until Christmas. And y'all know what that means - it's time to get sparkly whether you like it or not, and this trend has come just at the right time. Filling your hair cuticles with glitter and gold leaf might not be so fun to clean up after - but you look a DIAMOND. 


The first sighting of gold-leaf hair was seen at the Dries van Noten Spring 2014 show, and was very minimalist and super subtle. A little bit of sparkle gold leaf was placed along each centre parting. Since then, stylists have been playing with the trend and making it their own. 

According to The Fox and the Hair Salon, in order to replicate or create your own leaf hair masterpiece, simply use a paintbrush to paint the mousse onto your hair, then carefully lay gold leaf on top of the mousse and use the brush to pat down. Let is set for a few minutes and ya done! Don't forget you don't gotta use gold - mix it up with silver or bronze if you're not feeling the bling. 

Next up we got classic glitter roots for the gals (also impossible to get out of your hair), looks fly as fuck and you're going to be the belle of ball at your Christmas party. Use mousse and paint on for a more controlled look, or hairspray your hair and pour on top, continuing to spray the hell out of your hair to keep it all in. 

Now for the boys, I'd take a leaf out of the The Gay Beards book/Instagram and coat your facial hair in mountains of glitter. Make sure it's all clogged up so it's THICK with the sparkle. Or, grab some sparkly confetti and let the party animal out.