How to grow a beard faster

Beards are personal.

It takes time to grow a beard, and most of us are impatient so here are some simple steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine to grow your beard faster.


commit to growing a beard

Let's face it, at first we stop shaving cause we are bored, and after a few days people assume you're growing out your beard, so you just go with it and purposely stop shaving. Keep in mind, that on average for the first 4 weeks it's going to feel itchy.

If it's frustratingly itchy, then use beard oils to soften the hair -  Good Old Boys Beard Oil

first pass 

For the first 4 weeks, you have to resist the urge of trimming and shaving your beard, even if it's itchy. The first pass refers to when you get pass the first 4 weeks- it should no longer be itchy and you'll be glad with your progress. 

hair is protein?

Your hair is made of protein - so have a clean diet and eating food rich in protein. Bonus: Vitamin C helps you body absorb that iron. Eating iron-filled food will contribute to stronger, healthier looking hair. 

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to keeping your hair hydrated and can be found in oily fish like salmon and sardines. Increasing your vitamin A intake will help your body make sebum which provides a natural conditioner. Finally, too little of the B-vitamin biotin in your diet can lead to a brittle beard, avoid that with foods like whole grain and egg yolk.
— The Trend Spotter

Before you resort to supplements, talk to your doctor to make sure they're okay for YOU to take. 


Testosterone is instrumental in hair growth and a simple way to increase your body's testosterone level is by sleeping. Giving you body a good eight hours of sleep will allow the hormone to regenerate. Exercise will also contribute to regenerating testosterone and by reducing your body level of stress. Keep in mind that stress lowers your level of testosterone and can blow the flow of essential vitamins to your hair follicles. 

Here are some of our favorite beards inspiration:



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Guys: how often should you wash your hair?


Guys: how often should you wash your hair?

The thickness of your hair, its oil content, and how dry your scalp is determine how often you should shampoo your hair.


Barber Miles Elliot explained to GQ:

straight hair

You can shampoo everyday if preferred. This will give a dryer look with no natural oils left on the hair and scalp. How much you condition determines how heavy you want your hair to be: 4-5 times a week if you like it heavy and weighed-down; one or two if you like it light.

wavy hair

Wash your hair three times a week. You want to get rid of build-up that may be straightening your hair out with the weight from the oils—and when those oils aren’t distributed evenly, it can look very greasy, so use a brush or comb to even things out. Condition once or twice weekly—basically, whenever it starts to look too dry.

curly hair

Don’t shampoo too frequently—no more than twice a week, and use a shampoo with moisturizing properties—this will prevent from washing too much oil out of their hair, leaving them with a huge afro (that is, unless they want one). Condition once or twice a week and not on days you shampoo—that’s because you’re using the right moisturizing shampoo, and don’t need to double down.

Mistake: washing your hair everyday

  • Shampoo works to remove dirt and oils from your hair and scalp, but some oils are useful.
  • Basically, washing your hair everyday will do more damage than good since it will strip your hair of necessary oils.

For those in between shampoo days, Birchbox suggests

  • "Using baking soda on your mane will cleanse the scalp and also deodorize. A quick rinse with apple cider vinegar will close down the cuticle of the hair and add shine. Of course, this does not feel the same as a luxurious shampoo lather, but it gets the job done. "
  • "Kevin Murphy makes a dry cleaning spray product called Fresh Hair It’s great for absorbing oil and it has a nice scent."
  • "But instead of shampooing each time you shower, I tell a lot of my customers to rinse their hair thoroughly with warm water and massage in a light conditioner to break up oil and sweat."

mistake: unneeded dandruff shampoo 

Birchbox suggests, 

  • Using drugstore dandruff shampoo when they don’t need it. Most of the time they don't have dandruff and are just making their scalp dryer by shampooing with harsh agents.
  •  the solution to that can be as simple and not shampooing as much, using a mild shampoo, and drinking eight cups of water every day.


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Girls: how often should you wash your hair?


Girls: how often should you wash your hair?

We are repeatedly told that washing your hair everyday is bad. So, how often should you be washing it?


Celebrity Hair Stylist Kylee Heath told Birchbox the frequency of washing your hair depends on 3 things:


what's your hair texture?

how often do you use heat tools?

 regularly colour your hair?




Ladies with a curly texture can go up to five days without washing it (you can get it wet - just don't use shampoo). Washing can strip away the natural oils from your scalp that make the hair curly with defined spirals. Bonus of waiting to wash your hair every 4 or 5 days according to Heath: the appearance of less poofy hair. 

Ladies with normal to fine hair you want to avoid hair appearing greasy so you can wash it every other day to everyday (especially if you have fringe). Make sure your shampoo has a mild formula and that you're using a hydrating conditioner. 



If you use heat tools such as a straightener and a curling wand, then you should be washing your hair every couple of days - Heath recommends every 3 days. Why? Well, not washing it will help restore moisture to fried strands. Use dry shampoo to ensure your hair is looking (and smelling!) clean. 


Ladies that colour their hair can go from 2 to 4 days without washing it. Heath explains that when you bleach and highlight your hair the follicles become more porous, which means it absorbs more oils and therefore looks less greasy.

When you wash your hair, Heath recommends shampooing twice with a protein packed formula, and to prevent breakage use an overnight coconut oil mask the day before you plan on washing your hair. 

ok, so how should you be washing your hair?

Andrew Bidwell founder of Swell Hair care told Telegraph UK

Washing your hair correctly, by lathering just the roots and the underside, means those who currently wash it every day will get an extra day or two out of each wash. Vigorous scrubbing over-stimulates the sebaceous glands, producing more oils. Gentle massaging will keep those glands producing only a small amount to lubricate the hair, and therefore avoid greasy hair.



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DAY to NIGHT: Top knot


DAY to NIGHT: Top knot

On the go? Hair is too greasy and you don't have time to wash it? Meeting up with friends after work? Cute date?

Try the top knot!

This hairstyle is super easy to recreate and perfect for the girl who wants to look cute but doesn't have the time.

Day look

The great thing about this look is that it looks great on every face shape! TRY TO KEEP IT MESSY AND PULL SOME HAIR PIECES OUT TO FRAME YOUR FACE. use sea salt hairspray to create more volume. Add some bronzer, mascara + a soft pink lipstick and your good to go. 

Day to night

Taking this look from day to night is so effortless. just add a bold lip and highlighter on your cheekbones to enhance your features. This style looks great messy, but if you want a more polished look use lots of hairspray to keep shorter strands in place. 

Celebrity stylist tutorial 

Jen Atkin has created some of our favourite hairstyles on the Kardashian/Jenner family, Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and many more.

Watch her recreate Jennifer Lopez's top knot. 

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We're always researching the newest trends involving all things HAIR. here are the craziest trends we found:

Gravity defying ponytails

Method: A stylist at the german salon M&M FRISEURE separates the hair into 4 sections and secures them into ponytails with an elastic.


Then, she uses gel to get a better view of the client's split ends.


She cuts every section


Here's the full video

Check out the salon's instagram for more inspiration: @mmfriseure

playing with fire

Meet Franco Bompieri: a barber who owns Antica Barbieria Colla in Milan.

Method: finishes a traditional cut by burning the ends for the appearance of fuller hair.

In Italy, you did the job with a comb and scissors, then you’d get a candle and use it to burn the hair ends. [The hair] becomes bigger, the hair gets stronger and doesn’t fall out anymore.
— Barber Franco Bompieri told Great Big Story


The hashtag has been one of the highest trending hashtags on instagram. Check it out!


Method:  using men's clippers on women's hair to achieve a perfectly straight cut.


LA Based Barber @fernthebarber appears to hold the blade side up and towards the hair resulting in  a symmetrical, shoulder length style. 


Some videos on YouTube show women getting their fringes cut with clippers for a complete blunt haircut. 



swords + fire

Madrid Based hairdresser Alberto Olmedo wins our vote for the craziest hair cutting method: swords. 

Method: medieval techniques to achieve symmetrical haircuts


What's the craziest haircutting method you've seen? Comment below or share with us on social media @rockpamperscissors 




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Learn from the stylist behind the iconic global celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen. 

Jen Atkin

She's the most in demand hairstylist in the world.

She's the mastermind behind Kim K's top knot and beachy waves, Khloe's high pony and short haircut, Chrissy's long bob, and many more. A few years ago, she created the platform Mane Addicts with an educational purpose - Mane University. 



How she became a celebrity stylist

I moved to L.A. in 2000. I was looking for receptionist jobs at all the top salons. After about six to eight months, I heard that the Estilo salon was looking for a receptionist [and got the job]. At the time, Estilo was the salon to be at. I met Jessica Alba, who got her hair colored there back when she was doing Dark Angel. I met Chris McMillan, who was probably the most famous stylist at the time. A year and a half later, Estilo promoted me to manager. I learned the business of [being a stylist], how to run a salon, and how to deal with clients. About this time, Chris McMillan opened up his own salon in Beverly Hills, and I went to work with him as an assistant.
— Cosmopolitan

How she got clients

My first celebrity client was Minka Kelly, who I met through some friends. Then I started working on Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie. I spent two to three years working full-time in the salon and building [my private] celebrity clients in my off hours. I’d work eight hours, then do someone for a red carpet from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and almost always worked on my days off. This is what separates the people who can really make it and those who can’t. You have to be available at all times and change plans at a moment’s notice.
— Cosmopolitan

How she finds inspiration

I keep a whole arsenal of imagery on my computer and on my iPad, so the girls know I have it all categorised. I have a folder for each girl, with ideas that they’d like, and for events we sit down, look at the clothing and make-up, and we’ll narrow down the looks that would be complementary.
— Telegraph UK


When the Kardashians became clients

I first met Kim Kardashian about five years ago through a bunch of different friends. Kim had seen some of the work I did with Sofia Vergara, and she asked me to do her hair for a cover of Cosmo in Miami. I was really excited to work with Kim because what a great head of hair. On set, I met Khloé [too], and she and I were joking the whole time. When she was getting ready to do X Factor, she wrote me the loveliest email that said, “I’m so nervous, can you come?” I’ve worked with her every day for the past four years.
— Cosmopolitan
Jen Atkin on set with Kim Kardashian 

Jen Atkin on set with Kim Kardashian 

Her tips to other stylists

You have to stand up for yourself and let people know you mean business. I feel like girls are taught to be deprecating and not to be tough. I’m all about having a balance of being nice but tough when you need to be. Our industry can be very competitive, and I’ve just never really been about that. I used to have a Serge Normant quote on my locker at the salon that said, ‘Don’t be jealous of your peers — be inspired by them.’ With Mane Addicts, I wanted to expose the friendly nature of hairstyling and just spread the message that we’re all so much more powerful when we work together!
— Teen Vogue



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Rihanna: Hairstory


Rihanna: Hairstory

From island girl to full on glam queen, Rihanna has rocked so many hairstyles over the past 10 years. 

2005: the "plain, no one knows who I am" look

2006: The "my stylist is too trendy and into waves" Look


2008: The "don't mess with me" LOOK

2009: The "I RUN THIS TOWN & rated r" LOOK

2010: The "I'm into the two tones" LOOk

2011: The "everyone wants red hair 'cause of me" look

2012: The "I don't know what I want so I'll try everything" look

2013: The "I can make any style- even a mullet- seem cool" look

2014: the "keepin it long and black" look

2015: The "Don't Act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, shots" Look

2016: The "anti work work work short hair" look


Comment below your favourite Rihanna hairstyle!


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Here's What We Learned from Justin Bieber's Groomer


Here's What We Learned from Justin Bieber's Groomer

think all your favourite celebs "woke up like this" - Nah, they have a full glam squad.

Firstly, you need to know the difference between a stylist and a groomer? Some celebs have a hairstylist, a makeup artist and a personal shopper. A groomer does it all - cutting, styling, makeup, you name it!

Meet the man behind Justin Bieber's iconic looks

FLORIDO: LA based groomer that has worked with Bieber for the past 6 years at home, on set and on the road

Here's what we learned from his interview with Refinery29

his big break

He worked at a salon during the day and danced at night. 

 "My last big dance audition was for Justin Bieber. I went in, danced, and they said, ‘Stay for the callback.' But it wasn’t until that evening and I had clients in the salon, so I thanked the choreographer and left. Then, before they left for tour, the choreographer called me. He said, 'Hey, I know you do hair but do you also do makeup? Because they’re looking for another groomer'... I didn't think Justin was going to like me!"


His Job

I cut and colour Justin’s hair and sometimes I dance, too! I will be like, ‘Oh my god, can I be in ‘Sorry’ tonight?’ And sometimes he’ll let me be his stand-in.

With Justin, it’s not like, ‘Oh, this is in, we’re doing this’ — he will literally throw me a curveball and be like, ‘I’m growing my hair’ or ‘Let’s shave it’ or ‘Let’s colour it.’ I am so thankful that he always challenges me.

how to get bieber's slick back hair

That is a process. You have to use a root-lift spray and then dry the hair in the direction that you want it to stay. Then I will even put a texture powder in; Unite makes an Expanda Dust that I use. Then I’ll use a pomade to slick it back or finish with hairspray, but you have to layer in the hairspray to get it to stay. That’s what I do on Justin whenever he wants it slicked back.

Hair mistakes

According to Florido, these are the biggest styling mistakes:

  • when guys cut their own hair

  • when guys overstyle their hair

People make Bieber hair tutorials for YouTube. I am really flattered, but I was watching some the other day and there was this one where he says, ‘You know he probably uses like two cans of pomade,’ and this and that, for a look that I literally only used Evian water spray for — but I am so glad you think I use all of that stuff! This guy busted out the flat iron, the pomade, the hairspray. You don’t need all that.

Products that he recommends for a glowing skin: 

  • Tarte Smooth Operator powder for a dewy skin finish

  • Boscia depuffer stick and follow up with some eye cream and concealer 


FLORIDO'S Instagram

One of my mentors told me, ‘You’re great at all of your passions, but if you focus 150% into one of those things, I promise you that shit will start to happen...If you go with an open mind, the universe will reward you.



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Guys+Girls: Shades of Grey


Guys+Girls: Shades of Grey

Grey hair has been all over our social media feeds. 

Celebrities like Zayn, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have dyed their hair grey, and fashion trendsetters like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chanel have featured the trend on the catwalk.

Here's what you need to know!

Celebrities that made grey hair trendy


Grey is the new blonde!! If you are looking for a change or want to experiment with different shades or tones then this is the perfect look for you. This experimental colour has minimal commitment and will wash out of the hair gradually during a period of two to four weeks depending on the depth of the grey reflects.


Runway Inspiration

Fashion trendsetters such as Balmain and Chanel have featured grey hair on the runway. 

In order to go grey you have to prelighten the hair to clean white blonde and then tone with a personalized grey mix tone. Lightening your hair to this tone can weaken it, so the best products must be used to keep the hair looking healthy. Ask your in-salon colourist to check sensitivity of your hair before you go ahead. I used L’Oréal Professionnel Platinum plus pre lightener which is great as it contains beeswax which conditions the hair whilst lifting
— Hair Colourist Siobhan Jones for Glamour UK

the process 


Need more proof that grey is the new blonde? Take a look at some of our favourite Instagram pics. 

Book a hair colour appointment

When you try this trend out - tag us on instagram @rockpamperscissors 


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Insta-Hair: the hairstyles trending on instagram


Insta-Hair: the hairstyles trending on instagram

We looked at the coolest celebrity Instagrams to gather hair inspo, and these are the most liked, coolest hair 'dos.

Bonus: they're all easy to recreate and style. 


Top Knot

This looks great messy like Zendaya's look, but if you want to dress it up more go for Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner's slick bun with a glossy finish. 

Low Knot

The perfect look for the lazy, effortless girl. This look screams Sunday morning, I just got out of bed; however, if you want to take it from day to night, follow Sara Sampaio's look by creating a center part and doing a low knot - use a lot of hairspray to keep shorter hair strands in place. 

half up + half down 

We've all seen this hairstyle in our instagram feeds. This trendy hairstyle is perfect for when you want your hair out of your face - because it's windy or you want to dance the night away. Also, this hairstyle will flatter most face shapes with a facelift effect - you can enhance this effect by wearing highlighter on your cheekbones, as seen on Jlo and Kim Kardashian. 

Space Buns

We've seen this look all over the Glastonbury and LA-based Coachella festivals. Now, celebs are rocking the look everywhere. If you want to add something cool for your instagram picture, take a hint from Kendall Jenner and add glitter to the center part.


Work with what you got... Give you hair a breather from the hair straighter and enhance your big curls. Let the hair fall where it naturally does and add texture with sea salt hairspray. 


Get a fringe to change your look like Gigi Hadid. The great thing about fringe is that it looks great with short and long hair, plus styling won't take a long time. Even better, Joan Smalls' messy fringe with beachy waves looks great for the summer. 


The perfect look for when you have greasy hair and no time to wash it. Kim Kardashian turned the double dutch braids into mainstream fashion earlier this year, and celebs and magazine stylists are still loving them. Another great hairstyle is the low intricate braid as seen on Fleur de Force and Phoebe Tonkin. If you want a messy braid like Kylie Jenner's, start by doing a tight braid and once it's secured with an elastic pull out the hair strands to make it messy and create the illusion of more hair. 


You can never go wrong with a classic ponytail. This hairstyle is great for styling the hair from day to night, for girls on the go and for lazy girls who want the effortless look. 

high pony

For Beyonce's going out version of the pony tail, first do a high pony and then curl the three to five sections of the pony tail. For Kourtney Kardashian and Bella Hadid's slick hair pull back all the hair - perfect for when your hair is greasy and add hairspray to prevent flyaways. For Kate Beckinsale's look, twist hair sections and add sea salt hairspray to create waves and texture, then grab the hair into a ponytail. Once secured, pull some strands out like the front layers for a more casual look. 

low pony

The great thing about the low pony tail is that it's easy to recreate and style. Start with a center part and pin the hair back. If you want to create the glossy look, then use some finishing hairspray. If you want to go for Blake Lively's look, start by teasing the hair and using sea salt hairspray to create even more texture. 

Cap it 

Don't want to bother styling your hair- put a cap on it and you're good to go. This hairstyle looks particularly great with straight, long hair. 

When you recreate these hairstyles, tag us at @rockpamperscissors!


RIO 2016: Louis Smith's Hair


RIO 2016: Louis Smith's Hair

British gymnast Louis Smith has gained media coverage not only for his attempt to win his fourth gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio, but also because of his iconic hairstyle: the man bun. 

Smith has publicly stated that he likes being unique with his hairstyle,

I used to have it in cornrows. On the odd occassion if I couldn’t get it re-plaited in time, I’d have an afro. In the gymnastics world as well, I remember competing with an afro. It definitely set a statement. I’m my own person, I don’t follow a crowd.

Smith considered retiring because of the pressure and fast fame

After dealing with the build-up to London – the pressure, the sponsors, the expectation, the media, the hype, the actual Games itself – I just needed to take a step back from everything. I never once said in interviews that I was retired, but still the media persisted in saying, ‘Oh, Louis is retiring’, so it was easy just to agree with it. I took time off to do normal stuff, live life, work, earn money, see my friends, go on holidays, meet girls, get drunk, do stupid stuff. I needed that.
— Interview with Telegraph UK

After his time off, he publicly stated his attempt to rediscover his passion - the pommel horse 

At the end of 2014, I was like, ‘Right, obviously I am not well-liked at the minute by the majority of British Gymnastics. I need to prove they’re missing out not selecting me...But what they didn’t get was that I was serious. I put my hand up to the judges 11 times in 2015 and I did 11 clean routines.

His journey to RIO - aiming to get his fourth Olympic medal 

Now I am on my way to my third Olympics, and I’d love to get to 2020 Tokyo as well. My mum has sacrificed so much in my life to help me be the best gymnast I can be, and my coach has done the same. So I owe it to more than just myself to see how much I can get from the sport.
— Interview with Telegraph UK

ended up with his hairstyle -the man bun- due to convenience

Smith had been growing his hair out.  While training one day, he didn’t have hair spray to keep it out of his face. His solution? He borrowed a hair tie from one of the women in the gym.

Then I caught myself in a mirror, and I thought, it looks all right. So I’ve just been doing this every day. It’s so convenient. I get out of the shower, I tie it up, it’s done. Before, I had to condition it. I had to straighten it. I had to hair spray, put it back. I haven’t seen anybody else with this hairstyle before and it’s nice to be different.
— interview with USA Today


His response to the media coverage on his hair

It seems as though people are talking about my hair ha. Good to be different not just for me but for the sport. Why follow the crowd or be like everyone else. I class myself as independent and different and love it or hate it my hair amongst other things hopefully reflect that
— Instagram @louissmith1989


Good luck to Louis Smith and the rest of Team GB!!



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Girls: Haircuts that flatter your faceshape


Girls: Haircuts that flatter your faceshape

Do you push off getting a haircut because you're scared it's going to look bad? We've all been there, and the key is to get a haircut that flatters your face shape. 

Choose your face shape



Goal: frame the face 

Legendary stylist Garren told InStyle he recommends girls with straight hair to go for a pixie cut to downplay the roundness of the face. If you have long, straight hair, then ask for layers to frame your face. If you have wavy or curly hair, ask for a fringe, shoulder length bob. 

Avoid: a bob that hits your chin since this will only enhance the roundness of your face.


goal: cancel the sharp jawline with a short pixie or bangs for longer hair

Focus on canceling out the defined, sharp jawline. Try going for a short pixie to add some edge. If you want longer hair, then go for shoulder length or a long style with some bangs and curls to frame the face. 

Long + Oval


Short hair: go for angular bob to lift your face and enhance features like your cheekbones.

Mid-length hair: ask your stylist for subtle layers to add volume and texture to your hair.

Long hair: Get bangs and waves to create the illusion of fuller hair and volume. 

Ladies with curly hair: avoid short haircuts and blunt bangs


Goal: enhance the cheekbones rather than the jawline

If you want to go short, recreate Cameron Diaz's look. If you have wavy or curly hair ask for an inch to 2 inches longer so it's easier to manage and style. Ladies with shoulder length hair, get bangs and a side parting to take focus away from the sharp and pointed chin. If you want to keep your hair long, ask for layers - keep it minimal. You want short layers that hit your cheekbones and frame the face. 


Goal: add volume above or below the cheekbones to create balance

A long hairstyle with bangs looks best with the diamond face shape. However, if you want to go short, get a long bob with bangs that cut off above the cheekbones to complement your diamond face shape. If you have the time when you get ready, then curl your hair - wavy hair looks best with diamond faces as seen on Karlie Kloss. 


Goal: Get fringes to balance and flatter your long face shape 

One of the most flattering looks for ladies with oblong faces is fringes and long layers that hit the nose, chin and collarbone. You want to go for a style that balances the length of your face. If you want to go for short hair, ask your stylist for a cut that hits the collarbone. If you want long hair, ask for layers and blunt fringes. 



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Guys: Haircuts that flatter your face shape


Guys: Haircuts that flatter your face shape

No one wants to experience getting a bad haircut and the awkward explanations and hat coverups that we use while we wait until the hair grows back.

Avoid this by getting a haircut that flatters YOUR face shape. For your next hair appointment, if you understand what works for you and you research for styles that fit into that shape, your hairstylist will understand what you want and thus you're more likely to get a haircut that you're happy with. 

Let's start off with the basics


  • Oval (upside down egg): Your face is longer than the width of the cheekbones, forehead is larger than the jawline. The angle of your jaw is rounded rather than sharp. 
  • Square: The width of your face is almost the same to the length of your face. The angle of your jaw is sharp.
  • Round: Your cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement, and they are larger than forehead and jawline, which also have similar measurements. The angle of the jaw is soft rather than sharp. 
  • Oblong (rectangle): your face is longer than it is wide. Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are similar in measurements. 
  • Diamond: Your cheekbones are the widest feature of your face, followed by your forehead and jawline. Your chin is pointed and defined. 
  • Triangular (an upside down triangular): You have angular features and your jawline is wider than your cheekbones, which measure wider than your forehead.
  • Heart: Forehead measures greater than jawline and cheekbones, and the chin is pointed.

Source: British GQ


You're in luck almost every hairstyle will look good on you

Straight hair: short sides and swept back longer top or go for short cut. Your hairstylist will probably ask you which way your hair grows and determine the cut that will be easiest to manage.

Wavy hair: Let the hair grow out. Don't trim the sides too short. 

Tight curly hair: skin fade with a messy, longer top. 

AVOID: forward fringe. Celebrity hair stylist Jamie Stevens says "Too much heaviness on the forehead softens features and increases roundness of the face"

Beard or Clean shaven: The choice is up to you! 


You want to get a haircut that highlights your strong jaw line

Straight hair: Go for short sides and long top, not too long since you still want to keep it manageable. 

Wavy hair: Go for a clear hairline, but leave some inches on top for texture, movement and styling.

Tight curly hair: Go for a fade on the sides and back. 


You want to elongate the face and add WIDTH. 

Straight hair: Ask your barber for a quiff with short sides. Use a hairdryer to style the top to create some texture.

Wavy hair: Keep the hair at about 5 to 6 inches long. Style your hair in the direction that it grows out, and use sea salt hair spray to get extra volume. 

Tight, curly hair: Go for a fade and a long top. 

Avoid: Fringes - they will make your face look smaller. 


Don't go for short sides - they will elongate your face more

Straight hair: Ask your barber for some texture so your hair doesn't look flat. Keep an inch on the top and sides.

Wavy hair:  Work with how the waves naturally fall and go for a haircut length of about 4 to 5 inches.

Tight, curly hair: A short afro of about 1 to 2 inches long will work best for you. 

Avoid long, full beards since they will elongate your face



Go for volume on the top and keep things soft around your defined cheekbones to balance the look

Straight hair: Go for longer hair to complement and balance your angular cheekbones. Ask your barber for a hair length around 5 to 6 inches. 

Wavy hair: You want to add softness to the look - again to complement the cheekbones. Ask for haircut that will add texture, make sure to not get short sides or back. 

Tight, curly hair: Let the hair grow and don't ask for short sides or back as this will enhance the defined cheekbones instead of completing the face. 


Ask your barber to give volume to accentuate your features

Straight hair: Don't go for haircut too short, try for 3 inches all around to give you some texture and movement. 

Wavy hair: Focus on texture, let the hair grow out on the sides and back. 

Tight curly hair: Length on top and clean sides. 


Avoid really short haircuts as these will accentuate your wide forehead and pointed chin

Straight hair: Focus on texture - go for 3 inches all over and add a short bead to fill in the narrow, pointed chin.

Wavy hair: Let the sides and the back grow out, style the waves with sea salt hair spray to get more texture.

Tight, curly hair: Let the hair grow out - and add a beard for softness around your angular jawline.


All pictures displayed in this post for were taken from the internet. We do not hold any Legal Rights of Ownership on them. If any pictures that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights above any of them and do not agree with it being published here, please contact us and we will take away the offending material as soon as possible.


7 Style Trends Guys Should Know for Autumn


7 Style Trends Guys Should Know for Autumn

Looking at dozens of coats might not be your ideal read for a hot day, but it's worth thinking about the fall/winter trends as the collections will soon hit the shops.

We looked back at the Menswear Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collections of Burberry, Diesel Black Gold, Calvin Klein Collection, Etro, Kenzo, Gucci, Givenchy, Moschino, Fendi, Bally, DSquared2, Raf Simmons, Versace, Rag and Bone, and Louis Vuitton.

Here's everything that you need to know for next season!


For the guy that wants to have a statement piece in their everyday style. Scroll through the gallery to discover more. 

Affordable finds:  


Abercrombie & Fitch plaid jacket:


For the guy that wants a tailored staple piece in their collection. Invest in a good coat, and you can dress up even the simplest outfit. 

Affordable finds

River Island Navy Military Coat

River Island Minimalist Coat

The Bomb Look 

For the guy that wants to follow trends but doesn't want to commit too much. This casual bomber jacket trend works best with dark tones. 

Affordable finds 




For the guy that follows trends and loves having an eccentric piece in their collection. This trend will surely turn heads. 

Affordable Finds




For the guy that wants to be comfortable all day, everyday.

Affordable finds




For the guy that wants to look slick, cool and stylish. Some designers went all out with matching velvet blazer and trousers, but you can easily adapt the look with just the velvet blazer and simple trousers. 

Affordable Finds 




For the guy that plans everything and looks good with everything.  Everything we've been thinking about all summer, right? BIG, OVERSIZE PUFFER COATS. The trend was seen in almost every major menswear runway collection, particularly in the darker tones, but if you wish to have a colour that will make you stand out follow Coach's take on the trend with a yellow puffer. 


Jack Wills




Fall 2016 Trend Report: Braids, Braids and Braids


Fall 2016 Trend Report: Braids, Braids and Braids

Fall is around the corner. Scary! We have the perfect hairstyle to transition to fall...Braids! That's right, braids are easy and can look very intricate, so you can dress them up with an up-do or tease them for a more laid back look. 

Braids for short hair

Double Dutch Knot 

Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Runway inspiration as seen on Apu Japan

With short hair, you want to make sure you do a tight braid to prevent flyaways. Braid beginners, do a simple French braid and you'll get the same crown effect. 

Braids for longer hair 

upgraded fishtail: double into single fish tail as seen on Rachel Zoe NY runway Autumn/Winter 2016-17 

How to: Create a center part and tightly braid two fishtail braids - use the start of your eyebrows as a starting point so your braids look symmetrical. Halfway through each braid connect them and continue braiding a single fishtail; again, make sure your braid is tightly braided. Once you've secured an elastic, start pulling back the hair pieces to create the illusion of thicker hair. Pull more hair if you desire a more laid back look.


Sally LaPointe's runway look featured a cross and two, low braids. Use hairspray to get the slick, shiny finish. Another simple runway inspiration is Lemaire's messy, low fishtail. Do a tight, low fishtail and then tug on hair pieces to make it looser and create a thicker braid. Leave some hair strands in the front to frame your face. 

Statement Style For the fashion forward girl 

Moncler Gamma Rouge Fall/Winter 2016-17

Create two low ponytails, use hair spray for a slick finish. Braid the two sections and pin hair to the front, again use hair spray to prevent flyaways. Do a knot with the ends of the hair to create the "horn" effect. 

Another look from the Moncler shows: start with a front ponytail and divide the hair into two sections. Braid and pin back. 

Simple and Trendy

 Rohmir Fall/Winter 2016-17 runway

If the fashion forward style is too out there for you, here's what you can do to get a tamer up-do and still look like you're following trends. Create a center part and do two tight french braids, finish the look by doing a low knot with each braids. 

Mansur Gavriel Fall/Winter 2016-17 Runway

Simple, thick dutch braid: Similar to a french braid, but instead of braiding over the hair sections, you braid under. The trick to creating the illusion of a thick braid is to braid tightly and once you've secured the ends with an elastic, lightly pull on all the braided pieces. 

Braided Buns: The key step of this look is creating a slick center part. Use hair spray and tie the two hair sections into low ponytails. Do simple braids and then wrap around the hair to complete the look with low braided buns. Secure the hair with an elastic or hair pins, and add hair spray to prevent flyaways. 



Read more,




Spring/Summer 2016 MEN'S HAIR TRENDS

We did the research, so you don't have to! Here's what you need to know about the men's spring/summer 2016 trends.

For every haircut, getting a taper or skin fade compliments every face shape. Plus, styling is easy. 

Side Part + Fade

Need a low maintenance look? The classic side parting is never out of style. Add some edge to the look with zero fade. 


The slick has reigned for the past year, and it's very much in style. Recreate the trend with short sides for a heat proof look.

Textured Crop

Great for guys with short to mid-length hair. This style looks great messy so perfect for the guy that doesn't want to be bothered. 

Defined Waves + Taper Fade

For the guy that doesn't want to commit to styling the slick back or pompadour look.  Complete the look with stubble or a short beard. 


This statement look will turn heads! This  style looks great with both slick and messy hair. 

Tip: for an edgier look complete the look with another V

Read more:



Spring/Summer 2016 WOMEN'S HAIR TRENDS

Discover your latest hairstyle obsession from top runway looks. 


This minimalist look is perfect for the summer and the always raining British weather. Rock this the next time you go out with a slip dress and cat eye makeup. Tip: this is a great, easy way to style really greasy hair!


Left: Julien Macdonald S/S16                                                                                      Right: DSQUARED2 S/S16




This runway inspiration is perfect for those lazy summer mornings, and it's easy to recreate.  From Bottega Veneta to Vivienne Westwood and Nicholas K, the looks mastered the no-effort, Beyonce crowned "I woke up like this" vibes. 


The Olsen twins are known for this messy, cool look, and little sis, actress Elizabeth Olsen is quickly mastering the look too. Tip: Transform the look from Day to Night by making the knot tighter, and adding in some texture waves to your hair. 



Ladies, this is our latest obsession! This minimalist haircut is so simple to recreate, and so chic! 

Tip: Style the haircut with defined waves to add some definition and volume. 


left: Alexander Wang S/S 16                                                                      right picture: Diesel S/S 16         


Recreate the look with some blunt bangs as seen on Rihanna and Taylor Swift!

Read more:



Stylist View: Keratin Treatments


Stylist View: Keratin Treatments


As women, one of our biggest struggles in life is hair maintenance. Frizziness, colour damage, dry and/or unruly hair... You name it, we are constantly looking for the the right lotions and potions to minimise these things. I for one am a big fan of the keratin blow dry treatment, they are great for minimising volume, adding strength and shine and also improving hair condition. 

I’m currently working with #globalkeratin and offering the service at a discounted price of £150 for all hair lengths. 

I’m researching all brands and will be offering each brand at the same price and writing my own personal review here on my blog until I have found my personal best to stick with. 

Global keratin review: 

I found global easy to apply, within seconds of working into the hair reduced volume and added moisture. In this instance I found it strengthened the hair more than it added moisture at first, until I started the straightening process.

Highly recommended for unruly/curly hair, I give it a 7/10. 






Nicola Jackson, Creative Stylist



This is Nikki, she's been in the hairdressing industry for 15 years now. Having been trained at Toni and Guy and since then worked at several salons around Leeds, Nikki has built up her clientele before bringing them all to Ego Hair studio. Easy to talk to, a confident stylist that makes people feel great through their hair. 



Dark to light - The Truth


Dark to light - The Truth


We’re constantly bombarded by images of celebrities and models dramatically changing their hair colour from dark to light.  What they don’t tell you is that a lot of these photos are taken with wigs, hairpieces and sometimes photoshopped. Now if you don’t have hundreds to spend on your own collection and are looking for something more permanent the big question is - is this really possible?

Well… the answer is yes. Sometimes. It really depends on each individual’s hair, this is why, a lengthy consultation is so important.

So what are the deciding factors:

  • Do you have colour on your hair at the moment? If your hair has a very dark or red colour on your hair, it’s unlikely it will ever be able to lift out to blonde. Why? The darker your hair is, the more red and gold pigments your hair has and these are very difficult to lift out. You’re looking at 6/7 attempts of stripping your hair out before it’s even a light golden tone, and by this point it’s likely to be breaking off and in terrible condition!
  • Is your hair virgin without colour, but dark? If it is and it’s short (maybe no longer than your chin) then it is possible to concentrate on small areas of hair to lift it out, but any longer than that would compromise the condition.

Let’s see this in action.

Below is my client Luke, he has virgin dark hair and we lifted it out and toned it grey. It’s not a fast process, and unless your hair is short it’s a step by step process.

Step 1- Before colour:


Step 2- Mid lengths and ends lifted in foils first (because the heat from the scalp makes the roots lift lighter than the ends)


Step 3- Roots lifted and pulled through the ends


Step 4- Toning out the yellow and adding the silver/grey tone

The finished result

Luke was lucky, he had virgin hair, it was strong and coarse in texture and it was short, although it was a process that took most of the day, for Luke it was possible!

Dark to light is not possible for everyone

When pre-lightening/stripping hair, the hair becomes very dry, porous and vulnerable. I kid you not, it is not a kind thing to do to your hair.

Home care is key

It’s a step by step process. To gradually go lighter, the best way is to build up with highlights, giving your hair at least a month's rest and lots of TLC in between. Be prepared, it’s not going to be a cool or ash colour straight away… It will be a warm colour for a while. For some, for people with reds, or very dark hair it will always show some warmth, without completely wrecking and breaking your hair it’s just not possible.

If you have faith and trust in your stylist, you can have a thorough consultation and they can advise you of the choices that you have; honesty is always the best policy.

So, I hope this has given some insight to the ins and outs of changing your hair colour.

For ideas and advice and hair appointments, you can find me here:






Nicola Jackson, Creative Stylist



This is Nikki, she's been in the hairdressing industry for 15 years now. Having been trained at Toni and Guy and since then worked at several salons around Leeds, Nikki has built up her clientele before bringing them all to Ego Hair studio. Easy to talk to, a confident stylist that makes people feel great through their hair. 






Balayage - it's been around for a while, but this technique has easily crept its way back into being one of the most popular hair requests in salons today. 

Below are some of our hair stylists best Balayage Style Shots. Click the images to view the hairdressers profile and get booked in with them. 


What is balayage? 

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour - a bonus is that it has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. 

How is it applied? 

Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise you would have a streak of colour that isn’t very soft at all. It can be called a freehand technique because no foil is used to create the highlights.

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

Very little. It grows out beautifully and more naturally so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line and can wear it for longer between appointments. All you really need to do is protect it as you would any other colour: use colour protecting hair products, regular treatments and heat protection when styling.

What makes it timeless?

It's low maintenance, looks more bespoke, more natural, and is a modern technique that’s much more flattering. Healthy hair is attractive hair and that’ll never go out of fashion. Balayage gives a gorgeous healthy finish that looks nature-enhanced, glossy and expensive. It can be natural or strong, whatever you want, it’s all about the application technique. 


We have hairdressers in Londonhairdressers in Leeds and hairdressers in Manchester, all to help you achieve the style or look you're after. Check out the ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS hair booking app and get booked in at the tap of a finger.