Welcome to THE ROCK LOG, a digital hub for hair and fashion inspiration, how to guides and the odd cat video - all powered by ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS



The team is made up of Mat Braddy (Strategy & Co-Founder), Chris Osborne (MD & Co-Founder), Paula Fanning (Head of Creative & Co-Founder), Thom Shaw (Head of Supply & Co-Founder), Bertie (Commercial Director), Chloe Mahon (Booking Management), Katy Osbourne (Salon Support), Gem (Salon Outreach), Iona Davis (Marketing Manager), Sophie Reynolds (Marketing Assistant), Stewart Payne (Sales) and Raj Kohli (Salon Success). 

We're based out of a sunny - yet pretty damn messy - studio in The Pill Box in east London.



ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS was born out of frustration. We can organise almost anything online these days, but why can’t we sort out what’s staring at us in the mirror?

We’re fed up with having to call around to arrange haircuts, massages, nails or waxing. We’re fed up with having no online guide to where to get the best local rub down or snip job. We’re fed up with pink websites with flowers on them.

So, we decided to have a go at building something special ourselves. ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS aims to combine easy peasy salon booking with sexy pics of salons and of your do’s, giving all rock chicks and cool dudes the definitive app for all their grooming bookings. “Get #pamped or go home”, as no one is quite saying yet…